McCurdy Studio & Gallery – Seascapes by PEM

A retired science educator returns to earliest interests in drawing and painting. Whether creating beautiful seascapes or images of treasured places, Phil McCurdy shares his love of nature as seen through an artist’s sensitive eye.

The McCurdy Studio & Gallery features the work of Phil McCurdy. There are acrylic paintings of the coastal walks near his home, and the rocks and beaches of the nearby coast, and Maine’s national park in Acadia. There are also 3D dioramas and detailed works of waves and tidal pools.

The gallery is located by a beach cottage, just North of the small village of Ogunquit, with its magnificent beaches. The town was once home to the Ogunquit Art Colony and it is not unusual to see artists and fishermen plying their respective trades around Perkins Cove today.

Please call the studio at (207) 646-7044 for an appointment.

Text and images Copyright © 2011 Philip E. McCurdy. All rights reserved. 

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